Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hold yer hearses! More slaylists on the way....

"Mad, Mad, Completely Mad!" is on its way.  Looks like it will be a two-parter.

At Frankie's request (that's him on the right), I put a green tint on the above image.  Which is to say, we don't have anything on my bedroom ceiling that looks (or acts) like a green vortex, swirling or otherwise.  Still, I might try to submit this to SyFy or the Chiller Channel, since they don't discriminate much, if at all, between fact and nonsense.  Maybe it'll end up on Fact vs. Fiction: Who Cares?  or some other such "reality" show.

If SyFy and Chiller pass, I'll try the Hitler Channel, where the ancient astronauts scam is enjoying new life.

So, park your hearses--music's coming.  Mad music.  (As if the slaylists to date have been sane....)


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