Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween in Space, Part 4!!

More Bill Molno art, this time from Space Adventures, No. 54, 1963, Charlton Comics.  I love Molno's stuff.  I'm quite impressed by his abstract style and general gift for composition.  His eccentric approach to comic art, though, seems to have gained him a reputation as a hack, or worse.  Oh, well.  We like who we like.

And I hope you like today's playlist.  (The Lame Segue Police are coming--I can hear the sirens.)  These are mostly LP rips (from the Mostly LP label), with two rips apiece from 78s and 45s.  I recycled Purple People Eater and forgot the source.  It's a cheap-label cover version, and could be from Colortone, Tiara, Parade, Promenade, or elsewhere.  Or from all of the above (the cheap labels re-re-reused their own stuff).  Anyway, it's fake--that's all we need to know.  Your ears will hear that it's not Sheb Wooley.

And what Halloween spacelist is complete with the late, great Ferrante and Teicher in three selections?  Or Billy Vaughn's version of Telstar?  Or a goofy Tops label children's track (The Rocket Ship)?  Or the Bacharach-David novelty, Moon Man?  Or one of the "break-in" answers to Buchanan and Goodman's The Flying Saucer?  Or Mantovani's own Poem to the Moon?  Answer: not this one.  We've got 'em all, and a couple more.

To the, um.... to space!!

Click here to hear: Halloween in Space, Part 4

The Answer to the Flying Saucer--UFO--Syd Lawrence and Friends, 1956.
Moon Man (Bacharach-David)--Gloria Lambert w. Richard Maltby, 1959.
The Rocket Ship--Tops Orch. and the Tops Cast
2001 Space Odyssey Suite--Hugo Winterhalter and His Orch.
Barbarella (Fox-Crewe)--Ferrante & Teicher, 1969.
Telstar--Billy Vauighn and His Orch., 1962.
The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor--Joe South, 1958.
Poem to the Moon (Mantovani)--Mantovani and His Concert Orch., 1948.
Theme from Star Trek (A. Courage)--Ferrante & Teicher, 1978.
Main Title from Star Wars--Ferrante & Teicher, 1978.
Purple People Eater (Fake version; forgot the source!)


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  1. Purple People Eater (Fake version; forgot the source!) - Pops For Tots Audition (CA) LP - 5932 "popular hit songs"