Monday, September 23, 2013

Halloween in Space, Part 3!!

45 rpm, 78 rpm, and LP tracks--the usual MY(P)WHAE mixture thereof.  Thirteen Men, of course, was recorded four years earlier by Bill Haley as Thirteen Women (Rock Around the Clock's flip, and the A side on the 1954 RATC single).  1960's Take Me to Your Ladder (I'll See Your Leader Later) is early (i.e., pre-Dionne, Dusty, Gene, etc.) Burt Bacharach, with clever lyrics by Bob (Any Day Now, Dear Hearts and Gentle People, Our Day will Come) Hillliard.  From my 45 copy.  The lone 78 selection in our slaylist, Moon Winks, is a 1938 recording of a bland but nice 3/4 number from the early 1900s, and I can't believe I just typed "a 1938 recording of a bland but nice 3/4 number from the early 1900s," but I did.  It's from a set, but I only have the one disc.  A vastly typical 78-collecting situation.

In the Year 2525 is a Christian-folk cover of that hit (which I remember playing on the radio constantly back in the day--the original, not this cover), Dickie Goodman's Luna Trip is the usual stupid but highly enjoyable Goodman "break-in" (Ironically, Goodman did a Watergate "break-in"), and 1957's Rocket to the Moon demonstrates that Tony (Pscyho) Perkins had a very pleasant singing voice.  And nowhere does "Mother"'s voice join in.

Um, yeah.  The Moonbillies.  Well, just think gospel-style bluegrass with Fifties space sound effects added.  Or take the much easier route and simply turn on the tracks.

Click here to hear!    Halloween in Space, Part 3!!


Rocketship X--M--Main Title (Grofe, 1950 movie soundtrack)
Fall of the Planet Earth--The Moonbillies, 1960
The 'Lectronic Brain--The Moonbillies, 1960
Thirteen Men--Dinah Shore, 1958
Monkey Business (Billy Sherrill)--Eddie Hill and Group, 1959
In the Year 2525--The New World
Moon Winks--Three Step--Byron Wolfe's Orch., 1938
Rocket to the Moon--Tony Perkins, 1957
Luna Trip--Dickie Goodman, 1969
Take Me to Your Ladder (Bachard-Hilliard)--Buddy Clinton, 1960



  1. Pace yourself, Lee, Halloween is still over a month away... :)

  2. I wish to thank you for your great posts. Now could you please tell us where the Link to part 3 is on the page. I can only find this, Click here to hear! Halloween in Space, Part 2!! I thank you very much. Your new is going to be a hit. Thanks for everything. Stan

  3. Thanks! And sorry about the link--it's the right link, but I mislabeled it as Part 2 instead of Part 3. I'm good at those kinds of typos.

    So, you've got the file--I just put the wrong title on it. Sorry!

  4. I wish to thank you very much for the correction. Keep up the great organ composing and playing and posts. Your Sunday Church ones are great to.