Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And now to kick off Lee's Halloween's Slaylists...

From 2008, my Christmas at Halloween suite.  The first and third parts are me playing live at my previous, much chintzier, Casio, and the rest were composed, step-time fashion, on Noteworthy Composer software, which is approximately 2,000 times less complicated to use than my Sonar X2.  Give or take a few hundred.

I tried to do more than simply minor-ize the Christmas songs and carols contained in this suite--I use the whole-note scale, clashing keys, and whatever else sounded wrong for the right effects. Lots of unexpected (read: inappropriate) settings, too. In fact, that was the general goal.  I had a lot of fun composing this. It's probably the most-heard original piece I've blogged.  Speaking of Christmas, my all-time download champ featuring me at the keyboard (playing non-original material) happens to be The One Horse Open Sleigh--1490, to date.

Anyway, on to a spook-tacular, cobweb-and-misteltoe Christmas at HalloweenChristmas at Halloween Suite (Hartsfeld)


Misteltoes and Cobwebs
Santa's on His Way
Noisy Night
The Brittle Mummy Boy
The Little Train of Bethlehem
We Three Things Abhorrent Are
Call Dumb All the Faithful
Check the Halls
Door to the Weird
Desist Ye Scary Gentlemen
The First Noel
The Second Noel
The Third Noel
The Fourth Noel



  1. Lee, running into a problem here: have set up a Box account (first I've ever seen them require that), but then get message that the files are either deleted, or accessible to my permissions level. I know it's something in their settings... but any idea? This really sleighs me.

    Kind regards,
    A. Gene Childe

  2. Hi, A. Gene!

    I think that was my screw-up--so sorry. I've corrected the link, and it should work. I think what I did was accidentally use a link to MY account. Let me know if it works.

    At least you have a free Box account! (I hope you got the free one!)



  3. Lee, somehow I've managed to miss this one over the years, so thanks for reposting it.